Hi, I'm Bettina…

… a multilingual voice actress & singer with vo work experience in 4 languages *yay me*

Born a European, intrinsically citizen of the world,
I am currently splitting my time between Berlin, Germany and the West Coast.

The bubbly, spunky facet

of my split vo personality gets to do all kinds of fun ANIMATION stuff :
feisty fairies, Barbie princesses, looney opera-singing canaries, plucky little fighters & fierce duelists,
flying ponies, mysterious spy cats & numerous other creatures from the animated animal kingdom,
monster school girls, powerpuffy magical creatures …

while the grown-up version of my voice

is often all about  artificial intelligences, navigation systems,
or those voices coming out of little electronic devices.

Pretty much every day I lend American & British actresses my "German pipes" :
The Handmaid's Tale, Star Trek: Discovery, Black Mirror, Absentia, Twin Peaks, Glow, Orange is the new Black, Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Modern Family, 2 Broke Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Mr. Robot, BoJack Horseman, American Dad, Big Mouth, F is for Family, Adventure Time, New Looney Tunes, Barbie, Powerpuff Girls, My Little Pony, Doc McStuffins, various Marvel series and all kinds of CSI, NCIS & other procedurals…


…pun totally intended… ;)
hear my voice in the international Volkswagen Tiguan commercial "The Offroad Movie"!


I’ve been involved in over 30 productions over the last 4 years
(e.g. directing audiobooks & audiodramas for RandomHouse),
many of which became bestsellers.

And maybe the best for last:

I am able to make even German sound fun, sensuous and playful !
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▹ Voice: energetic, fresh, upbeat, sparkly with a suprisingly warm & sensuous depth
▹ Age ranges: Adult (18-35), Child & Adolescent, Babies
▹ Character voices
▹ Contagious laughter & magnificently bloodcurdling screams ;)
▹ High speech tempo possible


▹ Professional Singer
▹ clear, bright, agile crystalline Soprano with warm Mezzo depth
(> 3 octaves)
▹ Prima Vista (Sightreading)
▹ Strong harmonies
▹ Styles/Genres:
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Swing, Legit, Musical, Belt/Pop-Belt
▹ Kids & Cartoon voices
▹ Voice Match


▹ German*
▹ English*
▹ French
▹ Italian


▹ Debi Derryberry

VO Dubbing, Narration [de]
▹ Katharina Koschny
▹ Irina von Bentheim
▹ Christian Rode

VO Commercial [us]
▹ Kelly Moscinski, @ Soundbox LA

Commercial Casting [us]
▹ Laurie Records, Los Angeles

▹ Roberta Cunningham

Middlesex University
▹ London Studio Center
▹ iSFF Berlin
▹ Akademie for Voice Work, Berlin
▹ International Voice Sprecherschule