Bettina Kenney is a full-time, multi-market voice over actress for
dubbing, commercial, animation, narration, audiobooks and video games.

She can be heard in
* TV shows & movies such as the German language dub of Star Trek: Discovery, Billions, Black Mirror, Absentia, Twin Peaks, Glow, Orange is the new Black, Unsolved - The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G., Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Modern Family, 2 Broke Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Mr. Robot, Big Mouth, American Dad, F is for Family, Adventure Time, New Looney Tunes, Barbie, Powerpuff Girls, My Little Pony, Doc McStuffins, various Marvel series and all kinds of CSI, NCIS & other procedurals…
Angela Yee's German voice in 'Empire' 
Nasim Pedrad's German singing voice in 'New Girl' 
dubbing Robin Roberts in 'Doc McStuffins'
Stormy Daniels in the comedy series 'Party Down' 

* documentary & lifestyle in-show narration e.g. for Tiny Luxury, Cake Wars, Catfish, MTV Made, Fixer Upper, Man v. Food, Girls Incarcerated (German dubs)
* diverse national and international commercials, e.g. for Volkswagen Tiguan
* computer games (multilingual: English, German, French) & instructional Yoga & Pilates videos (McFit training series)
as well as
* several characters in several languages at Europapark, Germany,
e.g. the English, French & German voice of Edda Euromausi

Moreover, Bettina
* has directed numerous bestselling audiobooks (e.g. for Randomhouse) with Germany's A-list voice artists
* translates & adapts scripts and lip sync dialogue scripts, e.g. for Disney, Netflix, Hallmark
* writes song lyrics, e.g. the title song of the animation movie "The Little Vampire 3D"

When not in the recording studio speaking, whispering, screaming, laughing, squeaking, narrating into a microphone, voicing cartoony creatures, or lending her German voice to American actresses & personalities such as Nasim Pedrad, Ashley Williams, Angela Yee, and Robin Roberts, Bettina is most likely to be found flying around a pole at some pole studio somewhere on this planet.


Video Games & Apps

TV & movie scripts
Lip sync dialogue scripts
Song lyrics


Professional home studio coming soon
… and there's gonna be Neumann goodness, RME awesomeosity & Golden Age fanciness involved…

Meanwhile I'll keep having access to several partner studio.

Stay tuned - check back soon!